“SMART SAKHI” – A Women Empowerment Project under Clean Energy Initiative


(Women Empowerment Project under Clean Energy Initiative)

Reducing air pollution and supporting socioeconomic empowerment of women through training and job opportunities are both central issues to poverty alleviation.

ULC is operating “Smart Sakhi” project nationwide. Where it provides support to women from low-income groups to buy and operate e-rickshaws and battery operated cargo vehicles.

Through “SMART SAKHI” (women empowerment project under clean energy revolution) Upskills Learning Council providing disadvantageous Indian women with the skills and the means, so that they get opportunity to work as e-rickshaw taxi drivers or as own work in India.

After a rigorous selection process, ULC will train the participants for up to two months to become proficient and confident drivers. Once they graduate, they provide each woman with an commercial electric vehicle or electric rickshaw and subsidize 25% of its cost. Their trainees will reimburse the remaining three fourth amounts over eighteen months. They cab repay (250 rupees/day) from their newly acquired income (up to 1400 rupees a day during peak tourist season).

ULC promoting an environment friendly solution by subsidizing commercial electric vehicles and electric rickshaws that does reduces the negative impact of climate change or health hazards.

ULC has target to empower 1000 women’s through this “SMART SAKHI” project.

For more details about “Smart Sakhi” project contact on below details

CSR Department – ULC


+91 6350112286, 9587799365

*Applications are invited from Implementation Agencies/ Coordinators/ NGO’s from all states of India.

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