Upskills Learning Council (ULC), endeavors to create a sustainable and enabling skill & entrepreneurship ecosystem. In order to foster skill & entrepreneurship development across the globe, ULC provides funding support to build capacity by extending resources, technical assistance, thought leadership and knowledge management. Playing the role of a market-maker, ULC is responsible for enhancing and strengthening the skill development & entrepreneurship development initiatives and ensuring long-term stability and spurring growth.

Please note:

  1. ULC is an equal opportunity organization. All applicants will be considered without regard to gender, race, religion, nationality or marital status.
  2. Please ensure that all sections of the application are completed properly, and that you have signed the application.
  3. Where insufficient space is provided to fully answer any section, please attach separate sheets with the additional information.
  4. Additional financial details are likely to be sought for an idea of your financial status, however, to provide financial information is not obligatory.
  5. The information provided will be treated as confidential. The Application may be accepted or rejected at ULC discretion. On approval of your application, Partnership Fee will be required to pay.
  6. On completion please forward your application and a recent photo through fax, email, courier or regular mail to:
The Partnership Development Manager,
Partnership Department,
Upskills Learning Council,
1307, 13A, Supertech Eco Village – 2, G. Noida, U.P.-201 310, India