The Advocacy and Communication team provides a 360-degree view of what ULC (Upskills Learning Council) does. From media to marketing and communications, this group covers all. We also provide full support to our training partners who may not have the required bandwidth or resources to sustain a viable communication team. From television commercials to print testimonials to social media marketing, the gamut of services is easily available and accessible to all.

ULC aims to catalyse the skilling ecosystem by fostering private sector initiatives. ULC along with the support of its associates and 30+ training partners, works relentlessly to create a successful model for the country which is being periodically evaluated to ensure performance and effectiveness. ULC has a robust communications strategy to ensure the momentum of the program sustains and progresses. It also encourages the curious youth to come forward and get skilled. There is a constant creation of content and marketing data (Poster Campaign, animation video, TVC’s etc.) available with ULC which the partners and all other stakeholders can utilize to generate awareness about their training programs.

Multi-Media Campaigns

ULC first launched its advertisement campaign,“Smart Sakhi” on social media platform. This campaign highlighted the success stories of women with real ambitions in the automotive and retail sector, aspiring the youth to take up skilling to gain pride and recognition in the society. These collateral’s are available for marketing purposes.


Training Helpline

A helpline number, +91 6350112286 was announced during the campaign to link potential trainees with the nearby training center’s and educate them about the offerings of the program.

Social Media

ULC is also actively engaging with all its stakeholders on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc. For more information, please visit our Social Media channels We have also created an active library of videos and case studies on our YouTube channels.